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Oh! Just gaze at my stow it’s sommer finest and Prepossessing.

Delighted & splendiferious Brand Nuzzrii.


So, are you someone who always had a passion for jewellery and likes to style people with different types of jewellery? So Nuzzrii is at your service a home-grown jewellery brand where we work hard & smart to give an opulence persona to every individual who visits to us ! Nuzzrii count on “Design in India is as important as Make in India” philosophy addition to this “For Indian by Indian”. Nuzzrii Design and sell with profound reverence.


What NUZZRII have for you:

So, we have an artistic and bonny articles like personalized glass charms, a mosaic glassware beautiful millefiori and resplendent looking silver jewelry items; all products are crafted by heart and hand. Most of our jewelry is created entirely by hand (for example, glass charms or millefiori), which allows us to create exclusive and unique works. After all, some products cannot be repeated in an exact copy. We also use wax modeling, 3D designing, to make extraordinary products which reflects the stories of your life. Our craftsmen put their soul into each product and work with mazimum efficiency. After all, only in this way, you can approach professional excellence.


Why Nuzzrii

Nuzzrii serves to a nation in an noteworthy way by hiring labour which contributes to India’s economy and makes a baby step towards development. Nuzzrii distinguishes with others in quaint & up to scratch design and innovative notion approach we don’t diffuse our units rather we prefer to make it under one roof as we want give our customers hassle free services. This approach allows us to control the manufacturing process and maintain high-quality products. Design, casting, creating jewelry, processing with decorative coatings and fixing stones- all are done in one workshop.


Our vision

We here in NUZZRII believe that jewellery is not just a piece of intricate craftsmanship but a LEGACY to passion to generations to come, it is a bond between the unborn and their forfathers. With this in mind, we create jewellery that embodies a soul which can convey emotions, memories and blessings in your life.

Our designs speak not just about your style but also about the story you belong to.


Our path to jewelry manufacture began with one dream – to devote our lives to our beloved business, which brings us pleasure, and to others – positive emotions and unforgettable memories.