Every piece of jewellery tells a story

Why always wear a traditional jewellery or something that is beautiful but not made for you.

This time try NUZZRII, we make jewellery specially crafted for you... deisgned by you, made with your personal touch, so every piece of jewellery you carry, has a story...

Personalised jewellery

Jewellery Care Tips

  Jewelry care instructions:

  1. Pure silver jewellery has a tendency to oxidise especially when it’s worn regularly.
  2. To maintain the lustre of your jewellery, place it in re-sealable poly bags/ air-tight container to prevent it from oxidation.
  3. A gentle wipe before storing is recommended. Avoid direct contact with moisture/perfumes.
  4. Keep away from direct and prolonged contact with water
  5. Do not store under weight of other products, due to delicate nature of the jewelry